E177: Advanced Programming with Matlab

Faculty: Andy Packard, pack@me.berkeley.edu
Office hours: M 10:30-11:30, W 9:30-10:30, Th 2-3, F 1:30-2:30
Office: 5116 Etcheverry Hall

GSI: Trent Russi, trent@jagger.me.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: Tu 11am-12pm, W 3pm-4pm
Now in 136 Hesse Hall.

Course Notes, Slides

Lecture Slides
Class Information: ppt
Matlab Syntax Review: ppt
Multidimensional Reference: pdf
Multidimensional Assignment: pdf
Introduction to Classes and Objects: pdf, ppt
Reference and Assignment for Classes (Intro): pdf, ppt
Inheritance (Intro): ppt
ReferAssignGetSet class: pdf, ppt
Feb 26, Handle Graphics Intro (from E7): ppt
Feb 28, Handle Graphics, Simple GUI: ppt
Feb 28, Callback Interruptibility: ppt
April 1, Intro to C and CMex (updated April 8) pdf, ppt. Class examples zip file.
April 22, Introduction to Simulink, pdf, ppt
April 22, Introduction to Masking and Libraries in Simulink, pdf, ppt
April 24, Introduction to Regular Expressions, pdf, ppt
April 29, Introduction to Java, pdf, ppt
Zip files from class
January 29: zipfile
February 7: e177poly class, zipped methods folder
February 19: Inheritance examples (zipped)
February 21: @ReferAssignGetSet class, @point class, pointdemo (zipped)
February 26, 28: All intro Handle Graphics examples (zipped)
March 4: Handle Graphics examples from class (zipped)
March 18: More Graphics examples from Trent's code (zipped) (i.e. rotating cube, images, sounds)
April 1, Intro to C and CMex (updated April 5) Class examples zip file, getnumberdim.c, written in class, April 8; subwoofer.c, written in class, April 22; runsub.m, written in class, April 22.
April 22 : Simulink files (zipped)
April 24 : Script file of regular expression examples.
April 29 and May 1: Java examples zip file (includes simple applications from Lecture, and LoanClass.java, along with the inheritance examples (vehicle, car, sedan)

Extra Stuff
Homework formatting
Example hw1.m and the resulting hw1.html (Created with "codepad" and the "Publish to HTML" features)
Slides on CodePad: pdf. These slides are from E7, please ignore the last slides regarding homework format!
Info on computer and printer access
Info on downloading and installing Java

Homework Assignments

Homework 1 pdf, Due Thursday, Feb 7
Test function: m-file (updated Feb 6)(right click and select "save link as" or "save target as" or something to download)
Hints for NDAPPLY: m-file
Homework 2 pdf, Due Tuesday, Feb 19
e177poly class is posted above in "ZipFiles from Class"
Notes for homework 2 (PLEASE READ!)
Test function: m-file (updated Feb 16)
Homework 3 pdf, Due Friday, Feb 22, 5:00pm
Test function: m-file
Homework 4 pdf, Due Wednesday, March 5, 5:00pm
Test function: m-file (updated Mar 4)
Homework 5 pdf, Due Friday, March 21, 5:00pm
No hardcopy to turn in
No test file since its all visual
Homework 6 pdf, Due Friday, April 11, 6:00pm (new due date)
No test file. Just make sure it meets all the criteria of problem 1
In your hw6.m file and the resulting HTML file, make sure to include your "explanations" in problems 2(b) and 2(c).
Homework 7 pdf, Due Friday, April 25, 6:00pm. Email to Trent as pdf, word doc-file, txt-file, ...