E77: Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers

Fall 2004

M/W 1:00-2:00, 10 Evans

Course Information Handout, Monday, August 30

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Slides from Lectures

Introduction: Basic Intro to Matlab,

Matlab Primitives: Arrays in Matlab, Character Arrays, Cell Arrays, Struct Arrays.

Functions: Script Files, Functions, Function Handles.

Relational operators and Control Flow: Relational operators and Logical expressions, Control Flow.

Recursive Programs: Recursion and Induction.

Debugging in Matlab: Debugging.

Basic Numerical Analysis: Solving Linear Equations, Regression, Polynomials, Root finding.

Data Structures: Trees.

Floating Point Numbers and Arithmetic: IEEE Arithmetic.

Numerical methods for Calculus: Numerical Integration, Numerical Differentiation, Numerical solutions to ordinary differential equations.

Sorting, Searching and Complexity: Sorting, Searching, Time Complexity of Algorithms.

Object-Oriented Programming: Objects and Classes, Get and Set Methods.

Graphical User Interfaces: HandleGraphics Introduction, Writing Reusable Graphics Objects.